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Cala Gonone Excursion Program

Our Cala Gonone dinghy excursion program has been carefully designed to provide a complete and indelible experience. Prices for a Cala Gonone dinghy excursion start at €45.


Departure from the port

Departure from the port of Cala Gonone: The adventure begins in the port of Cala Gonone, you will be welcomed by our team. We will provide you with all the information you need to spend a memorable day.


Stop for swimming

Stop to swim in the crystal clear waters: Take advantage of the stops to dive into the crystal clear waters and discover the rich marine life that inhabits these areas. Don't forget to bring a mask and snorkel to make the most of the experience!


Visiting and stopping at beaches

Visit the most fascinating coves in the area: During the excursion, we will visit some of the most beautiful and striking coves on the coast, such as Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé. You will enjoy breathtaking views and take memorable photos.


Return to port

Return to Cala Gonone port: At the end of the excursion, we will return to Cala Gonone port. You will be able to share your excitement and experiences with other participants and our staff.

Cala Gonone Excursions Prices

We are proud to offer Cala Gonone dinghy excursions affordable and competitive prices, ensuring high quality service. The cost of the Cala Gonone dinghy excursion varies depending on the duration of the excursion and the options chosen. For more information on prices and offers, please contact us directly or see our dedicated page.


Average price for a full-day skippered excursion in May


Average price for a full-day skippered excursion in June


Average price for a full-day skippered excursion in August

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Reviews of Cala Gonone Excursions

Our customers' satisfaction is our priority. Find out what they say about us by reading the reviews on our dedicated page. Here are excerpts of our customers' opinions about their experiences on Cala Gonone dinghy excursions:

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Cala Gonone excursions: the best beaches in the Gulf of Orosei

Dinghy and boat excursions to Cala Gonone offer a unique opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Orosei. Prominent among them are Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola and the Piscine di Venere. During the stops, you can dive into the crystal clear waters, snorkel or simply relax on the beach, enjoying the view and nature.

Frequently Asked Questions and Benefits on Inflatable Boat Excursions from Cala Gonone

Do you have questions about dinghy excursions from Cala Gonone? Check out our FAQ section to find all the answers to common questions, or read the answers below for those related to dinghy excursions

Is dinghy experience necessary to participate in the excursions?

No, our excursions are suitable for everyone, even those who have never boated before. Experienced guides will assist you throughout the entire experience and ensure that you have a safe time.

What is the minimum age to participate in raft trips?

Dinghy excursions are suitable for all ages, but children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I participate in Cala Gonone excursions if I can't swim?

Swimming stops are optional and it is not mandatory to know how to swim to participate in the excursions. However, we recommend that you wear a life jacket during water stops to ensure your safety.

Do the hikes take place even in bad weather?

In case of adverse weather conditions, we may be forced to postpone or cancel excursions to ensure the safety of participants. In such a case, we will offer you the opportunity to move your reservation to another date or receive a full refund.

Access to beaches and coves

Thanks to our excursions, you will have access to beaches and coves reachable only by sea, far from the crowds and immersed in a natural environment of rare beauty. These oases of tranquility will allow you to relax and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Sardinian coast.

Respect for the environment

We use environmentally friendly inflatable boats to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure the preservation of the marine and coastal environment. Sustainability is at the core of our philosophy and we are committed to providing a responsible tourism experience.

Expert guides

Our guides, passionate and experienced in the area, will follow you on a journey to discover the hidden wonders of Cala Gonone and its surroundings. They know every corner of the coast and will be able to show you the most fascinating places and tell you about local history and legends.

Our fleet: Cala Gonone dinghy and boat excursion

For Cala Gonone dinghy and boat excursions, we have a fleet of high quality and reliable boats. Our selection of inflatable boats includes the prestigious Joker Boats, ideal for excursions along the coast. In addition, we also offer the option of booking boat excursions in Cala Gonone for those who prefer to experience the experience aboard a traditional boat.

Experienced skipper at your service

Our excursions are led by an experienced skipper who knows the area and its peculiarities perfectly. Thanks to his expertise and passion, you will discover hidden and fascinating places. You will immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Gulf of Orosei and its enchanting coves such as Cala Sisine and Cala Biriola.

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Take advantage of the convenience of booking your Cala Gonone inflatable boat adventure online

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